We are proud to announce that Legal Empowerment now has an exclusive licence to deliver Bond Solon expert witness training and witness familiarisation courses in Australia and New Zealand.

Bond Solon, who pioneered witness preparation services in the UK, have trained in excess of 250,000 people over the past 21+ years.

They have played a pivotal role in raising the quality of expert evidence in the UK, through their design and delivery of expert witness training, their innovative education initiatives and their annual Expert Witness conference and surveys.

They have also filled an important gap in the litigation services market by providing independent witness familiarisation services, which prepare witnesses to give evidence without straying into the murky area of witness coaching.  Bond Solon regularly provide witness training on behalf of the majority of the top 100 leading law firms across the UK and directly to companies. They have also provided services globally, particularly in international litigation and arbitration.

Our business vision is for witness familiarisation to become more mainstream in Australia and New Zealand. We want to do that by working closely with the legal profession. Bond Solon currently use more than 45 trainers, most of whom are practising barristers with the ability and passion to teach. Legal Empowerment plans to follow a similar pattern, so that not only will we help lawyers to prepare their cases for court, but we will increasingly engage local litigators to deliver our programmes.

Personally, I’ve seen a lot of expert witnesses in action: from the construction industry to economists and accountants, to members of the medical profession. The best expert witnesses are those who are experienced at preparing reports, confident when giving evidence and able to explain even the most dry, complex concepts in simple language. A bonus of teaming up with Bond Solon is that the qualities and competencies that I myself view as the hallmark of an excellent expert witness form an integral part of their training methodology.

We at Legal Empowerment are delighted to be associated with such a prestigious organisation. We have taken great care to customise the Bond Solon course materials for the Australian and New Zealand markets while preserving the integrity of their methodology. We look forward to providing these quality services under our I, Witness banner to expert and prospective witnesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.