Jim Wigmore is a Canadian Forensic Alcohol Toxicologist with more than 35 years experience appearing as an expert witness. The name Wigmore is almost synonymous with the law of evidence and, with over 600 trials under his belt, Jim can rightly be described as an expert on giving expert evidence.

In a post, Expert Witness: Which One Are You, Jim stresses the importance of training for expert witnesses – setting out some of the pitfalls that await those unfamiliar with courtroom practice.

In another post, More Courtroom Testimony Tips! Jim sets out two helpful methods to remember when answering questions:

  1. The Lucas Approach: Listen to the question, Understand the question, Consider your answer, Answer, Shut-up
  2. And his own Wigmore’s Rule: If an answer to a question will give you pleasure to say, it is invariably the wrong answer.