Negotiating for what you want is not easy. The process can be intimidating and overwhelming, particularly when an experienced or artful negotiator is on the other side. Sometimes we are unsure about what it is we want. Other times we are unrealistic about what is achievable. Certainly, having an attachment to any outcome makes it more difficult to stay centred and objective.

Our Leverage course is for people wanting to learn more about the science of negotiation and how to enhance their ability to negotiate on behalf of themselves or their organisation.

Designed by Rob Ogilvie, who completed the Harvard University Advanced Negotiation workshops in 2002, the Leverage course meshes theory with practical interpersonal skills training.

Are there several people who could benefit from negotiation skills training?

Please contact us for more information on in-house training at your organisation or industry association.

In life you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate – Krishna Sagar