Excellence in Report Writing

Thursday 26 September 2019,

Amora Hotel Auckland


Key Learning Points

  • Identifying the issues to be addressed in your report
  • Using a structured approach to preparation and writing
  • Expressing an independent view and arguing your conclusion
  • Handling supporting information
  • Developing an objective and critical eye in relation to your report
  • Insulating your report against cross-examination
  • Dealing with procedural requirements, including the Expert’s Code of Conduct


Overview- Excellence in Report Writing

An expert witness’s report is a vital element in litigation. It must be clear, succinct, independent and well presented.

Many experts develop their own report-writing style or adopt other people’s. But they’ve rarely received constructive feedback from lawyers on what’s actually required from their written evidence.

This course explores what lawyers and the courts expect and require from an expert witness’s report. You’ll be taught how to assess your own and other experts’ reports, and to produce, quickly and consistently, reports that are court-compliant and that can withstand cross-examination.

Courtroom Skills

Friday 27 September 2019,

Amora Hotel Auckland


Key Learning Points

  • Gaining an overview of how the court system works
  • Understanding your role as an independent educator of the court
  • Identifying key skills of presenting effective evidence
  • Determining the techniques lawyers use in cross-examination and how to handle them
  • Expressing an opinion based on the foundation of fact
  • Learning how to give confident, clear testimony under cross-examination.


Overview – Courtroom Skills

The witness box is a lonely place. Many expert witnesses feel they’re on trial, standing in the dock rather than giving independent testimony to assist the court. Often, experts are unfamiliar with this environment, as few cases go to a full trial.

But a poor performance can undermine confidence and credibility.

This course is an intensive and highly practical training day. First, we demystify the process by examining the theory, practice and procedure of giving evidence. Then, you’re cross-examined and critiqued by a professional trainer on a case study that you have prepared in your field of expertise


Each workshop runs for a full day


NZ$795 + GST per workshop

NZ$1,495 + GST if you enrol in both

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