The witness familiarisation process provides witnesses with a comprehensive understanding of the theory, practice and procedure of giving evidence and what is expected of them.

The training includes familiarising each witness with the layout of the legal forum, the likely sequence of events, and a balanced appraisal of the different responsibilities of the various people at the hearing. It also incorporates mock cross examination based on hypothetical case studies. All trainers are fully independent of any existing or contemplated court proceeding in which the witness may be involved.

I, Witness training will:

  • Mitigate the risk of poor witness performance in court
  • Thoroughly prepare witnesses for their appearance in a hearing
  • Reduce the effects of nervousness or over-confidence

For more detailed information, please download our Witness Familiarisation brochure here.

Witnesses should not be disadvantaged by ignorance of the process, nor when they come to give evidence, taken by surprise at the way it works.

R v Momodou [2005] EWCA Crim 177 (UKCA)